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Battersea Befriending Network is affiliated to being alongside/APCMH and has the support of the South West & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, NHS Wandsworth, Wandsworth Council Social Services and Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network.(WCEN).

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How Can I Help?

There are several ways you can help Battersea Befriending Network!

         •  Become a Volunteer Befriender

         •  Join the Committee

         •  Make a Donation

How Do I Volunteer with Battersea Befriending Network?

Go to Contact Us and simply complete the form telling us you are interested in befriending with us (NB - this will be in the London Borough of Wandsworth area).  We will send you a questionnaire to find out who you are and to help us match you with a befriendee.  If we know the date of the next training course at that time we will also provide you with the dates or go to: Befriender Training Course

Who Can Join Battersea Befriending Network’s committee?

Please e-mail us at to ask for more information giving us an idea of why you would like to join the committee and any experience you may have had, whether by way of personal experience of mental ill-health, in the mental health field or committee work.  However, no experience is necessary!

How Can I Donate to Battersea Befriending Network?

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