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Battersea Befriending Network is affiliated to being alongside/APCMH and has the support of the South West & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, NHS Wandsworth, Wandsworth Council Social Services and Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network.(WCEN).

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Welcome to Battersea Befriending Network (BBN)

Who are we?  Battersea Befriending Network is a local, voluntary, befriending scheme for users of mental health services in Battersea and the surrounding area - in fact anywhere within the London Borough of Wandsworth.  Our volunteers, however, may live outside the borough.

      What is befriending?

Through the development of a one-to-one relationship, based on trust and confidentiality, Battersea Befriending Network aims to help develop a supportive social network.

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      Who will you befriend?

Battersea Befriending Network aims to offer befriending relationships for individuals with experience of mental health problems and living in the Borough of Wandsworth, especially in Battersea and the surrounding area.

Battersea Befriending Network aims to complement the care given by the professionals (through Community Mental Health Teams or GPs).

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